We find the most suitable means of transport to move your goods most effectively.
For this we only need the information of:

  • way of loading
  • way of unloading
  • type of bulk material, its specific gravity

Besides the transporting of bulk goods, we also offer the transport of goods on pallets, big bags, and IBC containers. This can even be completed from 1 pallet place, and for international transports.

Because every type of goods are different, we us several types of trailers:

  • Tippers (side tipping, rear side tipping with a grain window, or with a dustbag)
  • Articulated lorry train with side or back tipping
  • Walking floors (to 92 cbm)
  • Silo trucks
  • Tankers (for liquid goods)
kamionová doprava Topoľčany | kamióny
kamionová doprava Topoľčany | preprava materiálov

kamionová doprava Topoľčany | doprava
kamionová doprava Topoľčany | preprava olejnín
kamionová doprava Topoľčany | preprava obilnín