Trailers PEISCHL – discover flexible and light semi-trailers from the Austrian manufacturer

Polar-M, s.r.o. is a sales representative of Peischl Fahrzeugbau GmbH and an importer of PEISCHL semi-trailers on the Slovak and Czech markets. We offer serial semi-trailers as well as specially adapted units according to your requirements.

In our offer you will find the lightest sliding floor on the market. We have semi-trailers with a sliding floor, tipping semi-trailers but also container chassis.

The lightest sliding floor semi-trailers on the European market

The Austrian manufacturer Peischl has many years of experience in the production of semi-trailers and trailers. The Peischl product range includes sliding floor semi-trailers, tipper semi-trailers, container chassis and more.

If you are interested, we will be happy to make you a price offer. We are also happy to arrange the most advantageous leasing or loan for you to finance the vehicle.

We offer the lightest sliding floor semi-trailers on the European market, thus saving transporters transport costs (savings of up to EUR 5,000 per year) and at the same time enabling transporters to generate higher transport profits. Thanks to the first-class materials used, Peischl semi-trailers are characterized by high quality, strength and perfect workmanship, which guarantees a long service life of the semi-trailers.

The standard semi-trailer with a sliding floor with a volume of 91.5 m3 weighs only 7020 kg and the semi-trailer with a sliding floor and side loading doors weighs only 7595 kg. Peischl sliding floor semi-trailers are by far the easiest on the European market. For your Peischl semi-trailer, we are also happy to provide year-round utilization in our company throughout the EU.

Why choose PEISCHL semi-trailers?

The Austrian company Peischl Fahrzeugbau GmbH is a European professional for commercial vehicles with sliding floors. The history of the company dates back to 1820 and today the company is already in its 8th generation, led by Ing. Ernst Peischl and his brother Ing. Markus Peischl. The Peischl name in the sliding floor semi-trailers sector represents absolutely low weight, reliability, economy, perfect workmanship, perfect design and, above all, robustness.

Sliding floor semitrailers

Categories: Standard loading doors, Standard pallets, 34 pallets, Hydraulic roof, BABY, BABY side doors

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Tipper semitrailers

Categories: 2-sided tipping semi-trailer with aluminum tipping dump, 2-sided tipping semi-trailer with aluminum tipping dump – special

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Semitrailers in stock

Polar-M s.r.o. It offers you the most popular semi-trailers with sliding floors of the Peischl brand as well as stock vehicles …

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Used semitrailers

Used semi-trailers for sale are checked in the service centers of our contractual partners or directly in the production …

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Semitrailers for rent

Rental of semi-trailers with sliding floor. In this way, our customers can rent a semi-trailer with a sliding floor only for a certain …

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