Polar-M s.r.o.


Our company specialises in shipping commodities both internationally as well as locally.

The most important strategy is flexibility and experiences, which we use to meet our customers´ requirements. Polar-M s.r.o. optimises your transport costs through minimizing empty kilometres between unloading and loading. We apply our best knowledge of the transport logistics market, and last but not least our aim is to satisfy our customers´ needs and transportation of their goods on time.

Company History

Important company events:

  • 2005 – Foundation of Polar-M, s. r. o. / Ltd/
  • 2008 – Mr. Martin Vlčko took over the management of the company in the field of dispatching activities
  • 2010 – Company was accredited by GMP+
  • 2011 – Further expansion. Company moved to new operation
  • 2016 – Sales representation for the company Peischl Fahrzeugbau GmbH in Slovakia
Polar-M s.r.o. partner v oblasti prepráv voľne ložených komodít